How I Landed – And Lost – My Dream Job

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Christa Pusateri - Startup marketing, growth hacker, pr, business enthusiastAt about the same time John Mayer released his thought provoking hit single, “Waiting on the World to Change” in 2006, Paul Woods, an inventor and scientist with a vision and a patent, left early retirement to partner with Ed Legere, a former biotech CEO and gather a handful of scientists, biotech experts and inventors to form a small startup in South Florida called Algenol. The group began to develop an idea that had potential to change the world.

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Blaze Your Own Trail

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Originally published in the October 2015 Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) Journal. Join ISSA to get your free subscription. 

In established fields, career progression is often thought of as a linear journey. “Climbing the corporate ladder” is a metaphor for career success that tells us that if we work hard, we will ascend, rung by rung, in a clearly upward path, knowing exactly how to reach that next level.

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